Zallocate Software

Zallocate is Zachary Wood's software consulting company specializing in the design and implementation of high quality web and mobile software applications. Our software can empower your business to stand out by optimizing ineffecient processes with custom tools built for your team.


A highly rated iOS application for streaming and downloading thousands of live concerts performed by 30+ bands on the Internet Archive.

With a client built using native iOS tools, Attics has been praised for its fast, easy to navigate user interface and reliable performance.

Haskell and IHP power Attics' API, all deployed on AWS using Nix.

Some of our 170+ five-star App Store reviews:

A Life Saver and must for every Dead Head

Gonna start off with a cliche: I don’t usually write reviews...but for this app I’m making an exception. If you are a jam band fan this is the app for you. The user interface is clean, simple and to the point. Who needs Spotify when we’ve got Attics!!!

Seamless, A+++ Streamer

I have several Grateful Dead streaming apps but this one is my go to. It is very well thought out and has a super user friendly interface. I recommend it without reservation.

About Us

Zachary Wood is a software engineer passionate about creating great software experiences. Graduating summa cum laude from George Mason University with a degree in Computer Science, Zac has been programming since he was 13 when he started creating mods for his favorite video games.

Zac has gained a wide variety of experience with different technologies through personal exploration as well as employment at companies such as Capital One and FireEye. He is especially passionate about functional programming with Haskell, and is an active contributor to the lead Haskell web framework IHP.


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